Himalayan Rock Salt – Sushi Board

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Himalayan Rock Salt – Sushi Board


Himalayan salt slabs are also sometimes called salt blocks, platters or plates. It is use for cooking, chilling and curing or as a decorative serving platter. Salt slabs can even be used for bathing. Once heated properly, salt slabs tend to hold the same temperature for a long time (the exact length of time it will stay hot depends on the temperature). When food is place on the salt slab, the slab will impart mild saltiness and mineral flavoring to it.

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Instructions 1-Chill your salt slab in the freezer for about two hours. Use it as a serving platter for sushi, cold meats or a cheese platter. Arrange fresh fruit, ice cream or custard on it for dessert. 2 -Check with the distributor of your salt slab to verify that the slab's particular composition is safe to heat. 3 -Prepare the salt slab for heating by drying it completely for 24 hours. 4 -Heat the salt slab on a gas stove by placing it on the burner and turning the heat to the lowest setting. If you have an electric range, do not allow the slab to touch the heating coil. Instead, put a metal spacer (such as a wok ring) on the burner, then place the slab on top and turn the heat to the lowest setting. 5 -Heat the slab gradually by waiting at least 15 minutes (20 minutes for electric stoves) on the lowest heat setting. Then, turn the heat to low-medium and wait for the same interval. 6 -Seer your choice of foods on your heated Himalayan salt slab. It can cook vegetables, thinly-sliced beef, chicken, fish fillets and scallops. Heat it to a higher temperature for cooking eggs. Or, seer fruit, such as bananas, pears or apples for a dessert. 7 -Cleanse your salt slab after each use by running it under warm water and scouring gently with a soft brush. Blot it dry with a clean cloth. Avoid using dish detergent, as salt has natural antimicrobial properties.

Tips & Warnings

Old salt slabs may be used as bath salts or even a pumice stone for calloused skin. Break off pieces of the slab and place in your bath water. Do not heat your salt slab quickly; it may explode.


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