Rock Salt Chunks 5.9

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Himalayan Rock Salt – Chunks 5.9 cm


Himalayan Salt Chunks are a natural pink crystal salt that contains over 80 minerals, which can soothe skin conditions and rashes and relax sore muscles. A salt sole, or brine, bath is one in which the water is so saturated with salt that some crystals remain undissolved on the bottom of the tub. In a salt bath, your skin absorbs the minerals but it takes some time to set up the bath and allow its benefits to affect your skin.

Additional information


Fill tub with about 3 inches of hot water to completely cover the bottom. Place a pound or more of Himalayan salt crystals in the water. Allow the salt crystals to dissolve for about 30 minutes. Fill tub with very warm but not hot water. If all the salt crystals are dissolved, add more until several settle on the bottom without dissolving. Allow 20 to 30 minutes to relax in the water, soaking every part of your body. Do not use soap or rinse off the water. Allow your body to air. After air drying, wrap up in a robe or comfortable clothes and rest for at least 30 minutes. A mineral bath can be demanding on your body.

Tips & Warnings

Drink water before and after your bath. Some pink mineral residue or even rock particles will be left in the tub after your bath. Rinse the tub to avoid staining. Consult your doctor about taking a salt bath if you have blood pressure problems or heart conditions.


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