Terms and Conditions


1) Introductions
The following terms and conditions of sale (the “Terms of Sale”) apply to all orders placed with Natural Aura House Limited for all of our services except where specifically stated otherwise within these Terms of Sale.

The Terms of Sale set out the basis on which Novel Himalayan Aspects Ltd enters into a contract to provide goods to the Customer.
Novel Himalayan Aspect Ltd reserves the right to change its Terms of Sale at any time. Any changes will be effective from their date of publication on the Natural Aura House Ltd website.

Customers should ensure that they understand and accept these Terms of Sale before placing an order. If there are any questions, customers are invited to contact us for clarification first.

2) Definitions
The contract is with Natural Aura House Ltd. The terms “the Company”, “we”, “us” and suchlike are used for convenience and should be construed accordingly.

The term “Customer” is used to include the person or legal entity that placed the order and any other agent or person nominated insofar as such other person could reasonably be expected to have the necessary authority regarding the issue in question.

The term “Access Contact” includes the Customer as defined above but extends to any other nominated point of contact facilitating access (examples include the tenant, friend, neighbor, inventory clerk, builder, cleaner, etc.).

3) Ordering, Stock Availability and Pricing
Container orders are only confirmed upon receipt of purchase order and a deposit payment of 50%. Payment must be made in full before delivery.
Natural Aura House Ltd will not hold any correspondence with third party customs.

Orders cannot be reserved or allocated and stock is sold on first come first serve basis.

All stock items are subject to availability. We will use our best endeavors to ensure that all items quoted are available on the expected date of delivery.

We reserve the right to discontinue any listed item without notice, either temporarily or permanently. We are not liable for any modification, suspension or discontinuation of any listed item.

Not all goods or promotions on the Natural Aura House Ltd will necessarily be available to those ordering by telephone or through other channels. Where an ordered item is unavailable within the agreed delivery deadline, a substitute may be offered. If preferred, we will deliver the ordered item separately once it is in stock. If neither option is acceptable, we can refund the full value of the item. See details on cancellations and refunds.

We do our best to ensure that all prices are accurate on our website. We aim to ensure that all brochure prices are correct at the time of going to print but these are liable to change. We will correct any errors once we become aware of them. If any such error has affected a Customer’s order, we will inform the Customer. The online and catalogue price may differ. We reserve the right to adjust listed prices without notice.

4) Geographical Areas Covered
The Natural Aura House Ltd 48 hours Day Delivery, Packages and Design services are available throughout our Local Delivery Zones. Details of these services are given below.

Local Delivery Zones means; properties and places inside mainland England only.
Outside of these zones, Natural Aura House Ltd services may be available by agreement. Longer lead times and delivery charges may be applicable. These will be advised on enquiry.

Our Nationwide courier delivery service is available throughout mainland Great Britain subject to any exceptions published on our website.
Deliveries will be subject to varying minimum values depending on areas. Generally, minimum value will be equal to distance from Natural Aura House Ltd as shown; (100miles=£1000, 50miles=£500).

Where orders are below minimum value there will be a delivery charge depending on order and delivery address. Orders delivered to locations which are different from their normal address will also incur a delivery charge.

All orders above minimum value will endeavor to be delivered in 7-10 days. Many orders can be delivered in 1-3 days. Urgent orders which are delivered below minimum order value will be subject to a carriage charge depending on location.

All orders will be booked at least 24 hours before. At this time the customer must take full responsibility for ensuring orders & delivery addresses are correct and appropriate payment is ready for driver.

The customer must ensure that appropriate parking is available during delivery and that any parking restrictions be made available at booking in stage. All parking penalties will be the responsibility of the customer and will be added to their next invoice. Any Congestion charges will be the customer’s responsibility and will be added to current invoice. Method of payment must be confirmed at booking in stage and in the event that payment cannot be made available the delivery will be rescheduled. If after booking in payment cannot be made to the driver, or if delivery cannot be made for any other reason, the delivery will incur a Refused Delivery charge of between £50-£100 depending on location and size of delivery.

All invoices must be paid in full. Returns and exchanges must be returned to Natural Aura House Ltd Quality Control department and upon satisfactory inspection reports credit notes will be raised and automatically be deducted off next invoice.

All delivery notes and invoices must be signed and printed by consignee.

Goods which have been assembled will not be credited unless there is clear evidence of manufacture defect. The customer must take full responsibility for the checking & unloading of all deliveries.

In the interest of Health & Safety and for Security purposes all deliveries:

Less than £1000.00 the customer must provide at least one person to unload. Above £1000.00 the customer must provide at least two people to unload.
Claims for shortages will not be accepted after delivery. Damages and shortages must be reported to the driver and details reported to the office at time of delivery and must be noted on all documentation and signed by the driver.

5) Signatures
Delivery – Where an Access Contact is at the property, we require the person to sign to confirm satisfactory receipt of the goods. If this person is dissatisfied in any way with the delivered items, this should be recorded on the form. Likewise, any rejected or missing items should be noted on the form.

6) Warranty
Despite all our efforts, there will inevitably be occasions where an item is faulty or damaged in some way. Where this is found at the time of delivery, we will arrange to deliver another at the next opportunity (in accordance with the relevant lead time and subject to stock availability).

7) Failed Deliveries
Where we fail to carry out a delivery for any reason before the agreed delivery deadline, we will attempt to notify the Customer at the earliest opportunity to agree a solution.

Where any such failure results from failed access or some other matter for which the Customer or Access Contact is responsible; a charge may be payable.

Failed deliveries will be rescheduled in the normal course as set out below.
If the Customer cancels the order, a refund will be made in accordance with these Terms of Sale. Where applicable, the failed delivery charge will be deducted from the refund.

If it appears that an item has not been delivered, the Customer should notify us at the earliest opportunity if we have not already reported this. Where we accept that an item has not been delivered, the options available for any other failed delivery will apply. In case of a dispute, the Company will be entitled to reject any such claim if the Customer signed for receipt of the goods. Where the Customer was not present, the Company will be entitled to reject any claim made more than 7 days after the date of the relevant invoice.

8) Returns Policy
The terms and conditions outlined in this returns policy apply to any purchases from Natural Aura House Ltd.
The Customer may return any standard stock item for any reason whatsoever within seven days of the delivery date. Where the item is rejected at the time of delivery, no collection fee will apply.

Customers are entitled to return any goods, including non-standard items, within seven days of delivery if they do not match the description in any material aspect.

Customers may return items in person to any of our warehouses. No collection fee will apply to such returns. Natural Aura House Ltd should be contacted in advance with all necessary details of the delivery to make arrangements.

The return of any items by post or courier or otherwise is at the Customer’s expense and risk. If we accept that the item is faulty and covered by warranty, we will arrange the return. We will not accept any cost for the return delivery unless explicitly approved in advance.
Within the Local Delivery Zones, we can arrange a collection of unwanted goods; unless the goods are accepted to be irreparably faulty and under warranty, a collection fee may apply. Any charge will be agreed with the Customer before arranging the collection. Collections will be arranged in the normal course as set out for deliveries.

All items must be returned in the packaging in which they were left by the delivery team. (E.g. oil burners etc should be returned in the original bag.) For the Nationwide service, this must be the original manufacturer’s packaging. Any manufacturer’s warranty documents or instructions must be present. Unless faulty, any item to be returned must be in new condition and unused.

Refunds will be not be offered for any item that has been used, whether by Natural Aura House Ltd or otherwise (e.g. inhealers, USB lamps, Tiles etc) or for any bespoke item or other non-standard item that was ordered specially for the Customer. This restriction does not apply where the item is found to be faulty within the warranty period.

Where payment for the goods was made by credit card, any refund may be made to the same card without any other notification.
The value of the refund will be the price paid for any returned item less any charges for damage to the item while in the Customer’s possession. Any collection charge or other such fees will be deducted from the refund.

9) Cancelled or Reschedules Orders
To cancel either an entire order or any item from an order, customers should contact Novel Himalayan Aspects Ltd, quoting the order number and/or delivery address

Unless agreed otherwise in writing, an order can be rearranged or amended without additional cost at any time before it is scheduled for delivery. Any additional payment is required before the order will be processed. Any refund due will be paid once the order is invoiced.

Where an order is cancelled at any time before the delivery is scheduled, a full refund will be given. See below regarding non-standard items.
Once a delivery has been scheduled with the Customer or Access Contact, any cancellation, amendment or rearrangement is liable to incur a charge towards the cost of the rejected delivery (for a cancellation or rescheduling) or the need for an additional delivery (for an amendment). See also under Failed Deliveries below.

Where Natural Aura House Ltd is unable to deliver any ordered item in accordance with these Terms of Sale, any items so affected may be cancelled from the order without charge.

10) Special & Bespoke Items
We are able to order special or bespoke items for a Customer.
We will not order such an item from our suppliers until we have received a confirmed order and payment.
Such non-standard items may require a lead time. The estimated lead time will be notified upon order. Delivery will be scheduled for a date after all items are due to have been received.

Where such items are returned, we will offer a refund only if we deem it to be faulty or damaged and where it is covered under our warranty. We will not be able to refund any cancelled orders for such items once we have placed a confirmed purchase order with our supplier.

11) Quotations
Quotations are valid for 30 calendar days. Prices (excluding VAT) will be honored during this period.
Beyond this period, the prices and items available are liable to change. Where applicable, a signed quotation must be received before an order is raised. Payment of the agreed amount must be made before any order is processed. See above regarding non-standard items.

12) Payment Terms

(i) Proforma Invoice – this includes orders over £3000 & container orders.

(ii) Cash – A maximum of £9000 cash can be paid for any single transaction.

(iii) Cheque – On completion of registration form and satisfactory references the customer must apply in writing if a cheque facility is required. This facility can be withdrawn at any time without notice.
Normally, at least 3 months trading history is required before cheque authorization is confirmed.
Cheques returned unpaid will carry an administrative charge of £50.

(iv) Debit/Credit Card – Credit cards will incur a charge of 1.5% – Card payments made over the phone may require faxed copies of both sides of the card.

(v) BACS / CHAPS Payment Receipts of bank transfers must be faxed and only when cleared funds are received will the invoice be deemed paid. All export orders must be paid in Sterling.

(vi) On Account -This is subject to status and may involve minimum spend. A personal director guarantee will have to be signed by relevant directors.

A probation period of at least 6 months trading history with Natural Aura House Ltd may apply.
Payment is due upon order unless agreed otherwise in writing. Orders will not be scheduled for delivery until the required payment has been received.

For orders paid by card, we reserve the right to request to check the card, receive proof of identification and to obtain a signature to confirm payment is due before carrying out the delivery.

Where another payment method is used, we reserve the right to wait until payment has cleared before delivery is made. Order confirmations can be sent on request before delivery. This will normally be by e-mail to the billing contact.

Invoices will be sent to the nominated billing contact on completion of the delivery. Unless requested otherwise, this will be by e-mail.
Invoicing will normally take place once all items on the order have been successfully delivered. However, we reserve the right to invoice part-shipped orders.

All invoices are payable within the agreed payment terms from the date of the invoice. This invoice date and the due date are shown on the invoice.
All items remain the property of Natural Aura House Ltd until payment in full has been received. This includes payment of any charges associated with the order. Where payment is not received within the terms of the contract, the Company will be entitled to pursue any legal rights to recover the sums due. The costs of any such legal remedy and any enforcement will be added to the debt. Where the goods are recovered, all costs of recovery will be added to the debt. The Company reserves the right to assign any debt.

13)Limitations of Liability
Natural Aura House Ltd‘s entire liability to the Customer under these Terms of Sale will not exceed the price paid for the goods and any other charges relating solely to those goods.

Natural Aura House Ltd is not liable for any loss of revenue, profit, savings, goodwill, business opportunity, injury to reputation or for any other losses to the Customer that are not reasonably foreseeable by the Company when the order is accepted. No liability will be accepted under the contract with Natural Aura House Ltd for any losses incurred by any associates, clients, partners, companies or any other person or legal entity related to the Customer except where specifically agreed otherwise in writing in advance.

In particular, we will not accept any responsibility for any losses due to a failure to deliver and install goods within the timescales set out in these Terms of Sale where we have made reasonable efforts to do so. This would apply in cases where the item was found to be faulty or damaged or any similar reason or where the Company attempts to make a delivery on the agreed day regardless of whether this is outside of the expected delivery time window. It would also apply where an item is unavailable but a suitable alternative has been offered.

14) Legal, Accounting and Miscellaneous

VAT- Value-Added Tax will be applied at the rate pertaining at the time in accordance with UK law.

Insurance-We are insured for public liability, employer’s liability and product liability. A copy of the certificate is available on request.

Jurisdiction- The jurisdiction for any legal claims is England & Wales.

Company Information- The required information is printed on sales quotes, order confirmations, invoices and other similar documents. It is also shown on our website. Details are available on request.

Acceptance-Customers are deemed to have accepted these Terms of Sale either by explicit acceptance or by continuing to engage in business with the Company after being given a reasonable opportunity to read them.
Invoices, web orders and quotations and various other documents refer to these Terms of Sale. Placing such an order or receiving such a document is deemed to provide notice of these terms.

Additional Terms & Amendments
Additional terms or clarification of these may be added by other documents or correspondence provided to the Customer. The Customer will be deemed to have accepted any such new terms or clarification in the same way as the Terms of Sale.

Where such new terms conflict with these Terms of Sale, the Terms of Sale shall take precedence except as described below.
Any agreement that purports to change or contradict any of these Terms of Sale shall have any effect only where specifically agreed in writing in advance by a Natural Aura House Ltd director.

By placing an order, the person doing so confirms that he or she is authorized to do on behalf of the named person, company or other legal entity that is given as the Customer.

By engaging us to carry out any work, the Customer confirms legal entitlement to do so. In particular, the Customer warrants entitlement to grant access to the property or any other area and to make any required alterations to it.

Where we are instructed to dispose of any items, the Customer confirms that he is the owner or that he is duly authorized by the owner. The Customer indemnifies Natural Aura House Ltd against any claim that the Company is not entitled to carry out the instructions.

Natural Aura House Ltd Delivery Day Service

15) Lead Times
Confirmed paid orders placed before 16:00 can be arranged for delivery on any specified working day from the next working day onwards.
Deliveries on Saturdays can be arranged subject to payment of the relevant charge. Whilst a particular delivery window during the specified delivery day may be requested, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet this request.

The estimated delivery period will be notified to the nominated Access Contact on the evening before delivery. By request, the Access Contact can be given 15, 30 or 60 minutes’ notice of the delivery. Such information is invariably an estimate. The Company cannot accept any liability for any consequences if it transpires that the estimate was inaccurate.

16) Geographic Areas Covered
This service is available as standard throughout our Local Delivery Zones.
It may also be available outside of these areas by agreement. See above for details.

Natural Aura House Ltd Nationwide Service – (Outside Mainland England Deliveries)

17) Nationwide Courier Service
Available throughout mainland Great Britain outside of the Local Delivery Zones as set out above.
Orders are delivered by a third party courier.

Cancellations – Where the courier has been booked, a charge for the delivery will be deducted from any refund. See also above regarding refunds and cancellations.

Damaged Goods – Any damaged or faulty goods must be returned complete in their original packaging to a Natural Aura House Ltd. See also above regarding returned goods.

Unwanted or Incorrect Goods – Goods may be returned if unwanted or incorrect. We must be notified in writing within seven days of delivery. They must be returned unopened in the original packaging. Where the goods were delivered as ordered, charges for delivery and collection may be deducted from the refund.

18) Lead Times – (Outside Mainland England Deliveries)
Deliveries or collections will normally be made within fourteen days. In remote areas, delivery may be up to twenty-one days.

19) Access – (Outside Mainland England Deliveries)
Access will be carried out by the courier company. They will liaise with the nominated Access Contact in accordance with their standard procedures. Details of these are available on request.

20) Minimum Order and Collection

There is no minimum order for collections.

Collection times are strictly between 8am-4.30pm Mon-Fri & 8am-12pm on Saturday.

To reduce waiting times it is recommended that all collections be ordered at least one hour prior to arrival.

In the event where customers repeatedly fail to pick up goods ready for collection will not be able to phone orders prior to arrival and can only place orders on arrival.