How Do Salt Lamps Work?

Ancient Remedy
Essential to life and once reserved for royalty, salt has caused wars over its possession. Now, lamps made of it are touted as the remedy for modern maladies.

Allergies, stress and even hyperactivity that are affected by the electrified, stale and pollutant-filled indoor air we breathe at home, in cars and at the office can be purified by a rock salt lamp, say adherents.

Rock crystal salt deposited by an ancient sea under the Himalayan mountains 250 million years ago is carved into lamps and tea lights to combat the 21st century’s atmosphere–air that is increasingly full of positive ions that render humans tired and listless. Salt adds negative ions, which produce high energy and concentration.

A Natural Process
A rock salt lamp, left in its natural shape or carved, is cored at the bottom to create space for a bulb or candle. The light heats the salt, attracting moisture and producing negative ions–the same ions that make you feel refreshed walking by a waterfall.

Positive ions, multiplied by countless televisions, computers and electronic gadgets, dominate the air in cities. Negative ions thrive in abundance in sea and mountain air.

The salt lamp absorbs moisture from the air, leaving floating bacteria, virii, allergens and spores to die in the dry air. Because they bond to positive ions, they fall with them, leaving purified, negative ion-filled air.

Recharge and Relax
Wellness guru Laura Lewis in That’s wrote, “Salt is a negative ion which can bond positive ions and mitigate a ‘charged’ environment.” She said salt lamps “have a calming effect” that reduces stress and helps weight loss.

Place lamps in the bedroom and near the TV and the computer to cleanse the air and elevate moods, to promote concentration and well-being and to help those with allergies breathe easier.

Fringe Benefits
The amber glow of a Himalayan rock crystal lamp is soothing. As well, the effects of its negative ions (similar to an ionizer) relieve stress, a known derailer for those who want to lose weight.

According to Elena Gorgan, Life & Style Editor for, “Research shows that stress is also among the many culprits that render even our most admirable efforts of dropping a few pounds futile and exasperating.” Adding a salt lamp to soothe the stress in your life could reap the rewards of a thinner you.

By Toni Owen, eHow Contributor

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