How to Care for Salt Lamps

Things You'll Need
Salt lamp
Silicone coaster
Soft cloth
Room temperature water
Plastic bag
Rubber band

Himalayan salt lamps emit a warm, orange-pink glow. These glittering salt rocks come with space for a tea light or a lightbulb drilled into their centers. When lit, the lamps give off negative ions that freshen and cleanse the air in your home, according to Natural Crystal Salt Lamps. Negative ions promote alertness and energy. With proper care, your salt lamp will offer its soothing glow and ionize your household air for decades.

1 - Place your salt crystal lamp on a silicone coaster in a relatively dry room. The salt will naturally draw moisture out of the air; if you let it sit directly on a piece of furniture, the furniture may acquire water stains. The silicone will protect the furniture from moisture.

2 - Dampen a soft cloth with room temperature water. Wring the cloth out until it's almost dry. Wipe it over your salt lamp to remove dust and crystallization from damp air. Turn the lamp on for about 4 hours to let the lamp dry.

3 - Keep your lamp on for as long as possible, as often as possible. The heat from the candle or lightbulb will evaporate excess moisture that may degrade your lamp. Plus, you'll get the extra benefit of constantly ionized air.

4 - Slip your salt lamp in to a clean plastic bag to store it. Cover the lamp completely and secure the bag with a rubber band. This keeps moisture and dust from your lamp when you aren't using it. Store your lamp this way if you plan to use it only at certain times.

Tips & Warnings
Place salt lamps near your computer on your work desk to stay alert and reduce electro-magnetic pollution.
Reduce allergies by placing a salt lamp near your bedside and in rooms with lots of allergens, such as a dusty study or laundry room.

By Megan Shoop, eHow Contributor

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