Instruction Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp

Salt crystals are formed over centuries more than 500 feet below the ground. Salt crystal lamps from the Himalayans are becoming knows for their ionization properties as well as for the color therapy that comes from exposure to the soft peach, cream, and pink colored salt crystals.

Instruction Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp

1 - Plug in your Himalayan salt crystal lamp or use a candle holder with a tea candle.

2 - Leave your lamp lit for as long as you wish. The salt crystal lamp works like an ionizer without the noise.

3 - Enjoy the benefits of fewer ions in the vicinity of the salt lamps. They work especially well near computers and televisions.

4 - Place the crystal lamp near your most common resting points in the home to benefit from the therapy of the warm colors of the lamps.

5 - Leave the lamp on as a night light in your child's room to give them the benefit of both the light and the ionization.

Tips & Warnings
Keep a salt crystal lamp (or two) in each room for the best benefits.
Do not leave candles lit unattended.

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